In Booth Sponsor Sessions

In-Booth Sponsor Sessions

Amazon HOT Seat - Live On Amazon Detail Page & Storefront Assessment

Join Keith O'Brien, CEO of Page.One, and hear how they break down an Amazon business and assessed what needs to be optimized for growth. If there is a willing participant in the live audience, they will get a free assessment of their store. This session will be packed...

2020-10-14 Page One
2020-10-13 Ameex Technologies

Rapid eCommerce Platform Selection & Deployment in the Time of COVID

Ashkan Farhadiah, VP of Business Development  Join Ashkan Farhadieh, VP of Business Development at BlueBolt, on Tuesday, October 13 at 12:35pm ET for his presentation, "Rapid eCommerce Platform Selection & Deployment in the Time of...

2020-10-13 BlueBolt

An Early Start and More Online Orders: How Holiday Shopping Will Change in 2020

This presentation will explore Adobe's predictions for the 2020 holidays and how consumers will change their holiday buying behaviors to favor digital. According to Adobe's Digital Economy Index, by August there were 130 days so far in 2020 that exceeded $2...

2020-10-14 Magento Commerce

Streamline Retail Operations with 3D Digital Twins

About the Session  Join Matterport's Ethan Goldspiel and Apex Imaging Services' Dan Cardona to learn about the efficiencies of 3D digital twins and how they can be leveraged throughout your entire retail operations to give you the competitive edge you need...

2020-10-14 Matterport

Increase eCommerce Profitability by Optimizing Image Production

The ability to deploy online digital assets in an efficient and effective manner can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line for online retailers. We will review a variety of different things in this session, including, the Impact of Digital Content -...

2020-10-13 ORBITVU USA

Top 10 Ecommerce Product Photography Breakthroughs for Increased Productivity and Online Sales

Sam Shearer, Managing Director at Ortery Technologies, highlights several main events over the past 20 years that dramatically contributed to the productivity of eCommerce product photography as well as photography techniques that have lead to increased online sales...

2020-10-13 Ortery Technologies Inc.

11:00am - Meet AlphaShot

Meet AlphaShot  Our smallest product photography systems, each have their own unique lighting set-up to handle the uniqueness of small product details. Join us for a live demo of these systems.

2020-10-13 ORBITVU USA

Introducing - The Ultimate All-In-One eCommerce Photography System

Ortery Technologies manufactures product photography systems that simplify and accelerate product photography. In this session you will learn how a 3D PhotoBench 280 photography system can be used to take professional photos and 360 product views on pure white and...

2020-10-14 Ortery Technologies Inc.

How to Create 360 Product Views

Are you interested in 360 product photography but don’t know where to start? Let us show you how easy creating 360 product views can be. They’re perfect for increasing product interest and sales on Amazon, social media, websites and more. This session will go over...

2020-10-14 Ortery Technologies Inc.

1:00pm - Meet Fashion Studio

Meet Fashion Studio  Productively and effortlessly create stunning, high-quality product images and videos with Orbitvu Fashion Studio — the automated photography studio for all of your visual content needs. Join us for a live demo of Orbitvu's latest...

2020-10-13 ORBITVU USA

3:00pm - Meet AlphaStudio

Meet AlphaStudio  Orbitvu's large product photography systems, each have their own unique lighting and accessories to creating still and 360-degree presentations of all types of medium-large hard goods and clothing on mannequin and on-model. Join us...

2020-10-13 ORBITVU USA

Are You Ready For The Re-Imagined Future Of Retail?

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and life to continue as usual – as much as possible – during pandemics. Building the necessary infrastructure to support a digitized world and stay current in the latest technology...

2020-10-14 Intel