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‘Just Walk Out’ Tech Grabs New Attention

Amazon’s Go stores — and its newer grocery stores — have garnered a lot of consumer, retailer and media attention; and it may have been a perfect storm for Amazon to begin selling its “Just Walk Out” technology to other retailers in March 2020. Is buying the...

2020-10-13 Sessions

How eBay Is Making The User Experience More Personalized, Creative And Memorable

Personalization has become a key selling point for consumers, as more of them expect retailers to understand their preferences, interests and shopping habits. These buyer expectations have also become more present with brick-and-mortar businesses, as retailers try to...

2020-10-13 Sessions

The Rise Of Robotics In Retail

Retail robots capable of collecting and correlating real-time shelf data with POS, warehouse management and order management systems are on the rise. Fully autonomous robots can perform storewide shelf scans with 95+% accuracy in hours, while tedious, error-prone...

2020-10-13 Sessions

How Verizon Is Prioritizing Touchless Store Experiences

In preparation for reopening stores after the pandemic hit, Verizon focused on customer health, safety and convenience. To that end, the retailer has created touchless experiences before, during and after the transaction. And to facilitate the new offerings, as well as...

2020-10-13 Sessions

Showfields Introduces The ‘Magic Wand’ To Meet Expectations Of The Post-COVID Customer

In a post-pandemic world where retail is a very different place, a once in-a-century event and civil movement together changed the chemical composition of the industry and reshaped the expectations of customers overnight.This session will uncover the expectations of...

2020-10-14 Sessions

Generating E-Commerce Revenue Via Livestreaming

Retail livestreaming has taken China by storm since the pandemic onset, with e-Commerce sales expected to reach in excess of $135 billion by the end of 2020. U.S. retailers, following suit, have begun successfully innovating with livestreaming content., for...

2020-10-14 Sessions

In-Booth Events

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