Omnichannel Fulfillment

Fulfilling The Customer’s Order Their Way: Vitamin Shoppe’s New Multidimensional Approach

The Vitamin Shoppe has done more to improve fulfillment “in the last five months than we did in the last five years,” explains CEO Sharon Leite. As traditional store fulfillment moved down in priority for customers completing purchases, The...

2020-10-13 Sessions

How Walgreens Is Redefining Convenience With An Omnichannel Platform

The omnichannel fulfillment models have been further disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic as customer demand for “contactless” pickup and ever-faster deliveries. Learn how Walgreens is leveraging omnichannel capabilities to provide customers and patients with a...

2020-10-13 Sessions

Converting Stores Into Micro-Fulfillment Centers

With COVID-19 hastening store closures and boosting e-Commerce, retailers need to radically rethink their physical footprint to meet emerging customer needs. Closed or underperforming brick-and-mortar locations can now become “dark store” micro-fulfillment centers...

2020-10-14 Sessions

Reimagining Supply Chain And Fulfillment

Consumers go through many micro-interactions as they make their purchase decisions, and in 2020 we’ve seen an uptick in the use of digital touchpoints in response to COVID shutdowns and in-store safety precautions. Pre-COVID, omnichannel initiatives were the focus...

2020-10-14 Sessions

Omnichannel Optimization: Taking Fulfillment From Good To Great

For those retailers that have begun the evolution from multi-channel to omnichannel by providing seamless, value-added services through fulfillment, two realities have become clear:  Consumers are using omnichannel to buy and receive orders at levels no one...

2020-10-14 Sessions

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