Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch & Learn Sessions

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How MAC Cosmetics Created An Innovative Omnichannel Store Experience

In early 2019, MAC partnered with Valtech to revolutionize the in-store experience for their customers. They launched an omnichannel environment that is an inspiring studio for customers to co-create, play & learn about MAC products. Included in this store makeover...

2020-10-14 Lunch & Learn

Key Customer Acquisition Strategies To Grow Your Online Customer Base

Learn from Gerber Childrenswear, and Visiture  about the key customer acquisition strategies that are working for leading e-Commerce brands and have helped Gerber Childrenswear grow their D2C online brand  1,200% year-over-year. In this presentation, you...

2020-10-14 Lunch & Learn

Exceeding Customer Expectations In Holiday 2020 & Beyond

In 2020 the world changed dramatically. We’ve seen an evolution of e-Commerce and digital commerce as the primary way customers engage with the companies and brands that they love. In this lunch and learn, we’ll discuss how to meet and exceed your customers’...

2020-10-14 Lunch & Learn

Don't Just Speak, Find: How To Build With Voice And Not Frustrate Shoppers

Voice is exciting, voice is powerful, voice is useless if shoppers can’t use it to achieve their goals. Adding a mic to your mobile app doesn’t bring you into the 2020s, letting users do what they want through voice does. In this talk, we’ll look at how search,...

2020-10-14 Lunch & Learn

Accelerate The Path To Purchase With Product Discovery

Wish your conversion rates were higher? Can’t figure out how to efficiently and effectively serve all the visitors on your site? Embarrassed by the quality of your product discovery experience? The bar is high and the influx of online shopping over recent months has...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn

L’Oréal’s Data-Driven Transformation To Capitalize On The Direct-To-Consumer Channel

In today’s world, luxury brands must build intimate relationships with consumers, who want personalized services and exclusive products. Brands are moving to direct-to-consumer (D2C) to provide unique and connected experiences, online and in stores, to stay ahead of...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn

Optimizing Multi-Channel E-Commerce And Operations With Integration

Running a multi-channel e-Commerce business requires processing a very large number of orders coming through different platforms, and making sure orders are fulfilled on a timely manner without errors. In order to support growth, businesses need to start their digital...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn

Conversion Rate Secrets of High Performing Amazon Listings

The Amazon flywheel formula is fairly straightforward. Sessions + Conversion Rate = Sales. It’s easy to think the solution to more sales on Amazon is always…”more sessions.” This is where most businesses focus (especially mid-sized and large brands) and fail to...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn

E-Commerce For B2B: As Easy As 1, 2, 3… (4, 5)

B2B marketers are just as focused on share-of-wallet as B2C customers, but what is the best marketing strategy? It’s personalized omnichannel marketing.  In this session dotdigital will share insights into the 5 pillars of B2B Lifecycle Marketing to...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn

Audit Risk Reality In A Post-Wayfair World

While indirect tax may seem a common phenomenon in the United States and throughout the world, it is undeniably complicated. Not surprisingly, many businesses are not managing it correctly. There are literally thousands of state and local jurisdictions for tax in the...

2020-10-13 Lunch & Learn