Diversity, Disruption And The Unknown Future Of Retail

Frans Johansson - CEO, The Medici Group  The retail industry is experiencing disruption and reinvention at unprecedented speed, forcing companies to innovate or risk obsolescence. Moreover, the unique challenges afforded to companies by a global pandemic...

2020-10-13 Keynotes

Come Ride With Me: Establish An Innovation Organization That Can Seize The Moment

To be able to quickly innovate in a crisis, a complete transformation of R&D may be necessary. Today’s businesses need to be committed to relentless transformation, viewing disruption as a normal occurrence to be celebrated, instead of an event to be...

2020-10-13 Keynotes

Omnichannel Strategies For The New E-Commerce Landscape

The e-Commerce landscape is evolving more rapidly than ever. As retailers navigate changes amidst COVID-19, it’s important to make strategic investment decisions to keep up with the competition. In this session, Sharon Gee from BigCommerce will discuss how a strong...

2020-10-14 Keynotes

4 Ways To Power Touchless Retail With Text Messaging

A lot has changed for brick-and-mortar retail this year. Retailers have been forced to undergo digital transformation overnight in order to stay connected with customers. And marketing leaders have been tasked with finding new ways to acquire new customers at lower...

2020-10-14 Keynotes