Experiential Initiatives


The Brand Closet: A Smaller, More Personalized Omnichannel Experience

Repositioning and repurposing real estate is not a new concept, but re-creating the retail environment in a new consumer-oriented, omnichannel, culture-centric way may help revitalize consumer spending in a sustainable way. A new retail social space called “The...

2020-10-13 Sessions

The Post-COVID-19 Pop-Up Revolution

Pop-ups were surging in popularity pre-coronavirus and are expected to resurge in new ways as the economy reopens. New pop-ups will likely be more hands-off, featuring digital technology. And in these uncertain times, many retail brands will opt for the shorter-term,...

2020-10-13 Sessions

Improving Digital Rapport To Boost Omnichannel Loyalty At Rebag

The Rebag team is hyper-focused on connecting the online and offline data to develop a strong bond with its customer base. During this session, Rebag’s Geronimo Chala will talk through the retailer’s top-down data-based strategies. Attendees...

2020-10-13 Sessions

Delivering On The Virtual Promise: Creating Unforgettable Online Experiences

A year ago, retailers selling items like furniture and wedding apparel were hesitant to bank their businesses primarily on the online experience. But fast-forward to COVID-19, and they literally had no choice.   Find out how retailers like Burrow and The...

2020-10-14 Sessions

Embracing Agile Retail And Data-Driven Store Experience Design

With COVID-19 accelerating the ever-changing nature of consumer behaviors, and consumers increasingly adopting technologies that enable self-guided exploration and check-out, store digitization has become more prevalent in the physical retail environment. To be...

2020-10-14 Sessions

Using Advanced AI To Minimize Innovation Costs & Risks

While accelerating innovation is vital for retailers moving forward, there can be significant risks and costs involved. That’s why SONAE and other retailers are collaborating with XNFY Lab to transform the way companies acquire and analyze data, in addition to...

2020-10-14 Sessions

In-Booth Events

Are You Ready For The Re-Imagined Future Of Retail?

Business Agility - Event

COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and life to continue as usual – as much as possible – during.. →

Streamline Retail Operations with 3D Digital Twins

Business Agility - Event

About the Session Join Matterport's Ethan Goldspiel and Apex Imaging Services' Dan Cardona to learn about the efficiencies of 3D digital twins.. →