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Using Tiktok To Connect With Gen Z & Millennial Shoppers

In Q1 2020, TikTok was downloaded 315 million times. As many as 40% of TikTok users are between the ages of 16 and 24 and spend an average of one hour a day on the app. To reach these consumers who are spending much more time at home, retailers must...

2020-10-13 Sessions

How SheSpoke Is Converting The Makeup Bar Into A Digital Experience

Designed as a vehicle to bring high-quality makeup service to a wider audience, SheSpoke was founded in 2013 by Stephanie March (best know as Alex Cabot on Law & Order SVU) and celebrity makeup artist Rebecca Perkins. Fast-forward to COVID-19...

2020-10-13 Sessions

Embracing Retail’s Accelerated Digital Transformation

COVID-19 forced many businesses to accelerate their digital agenda and participate with their customer base in new and innovative ways. As we integrate back into reality, how do we embrace the innovations and integrate it into our old ways rather than just simply...

2020-10-13 Sessions

How Total Wine Is Recharging Its Loyalty Strategy With An Omnichannel Focus

As the largest independent fine wine retailer in the U.S., Total Wine & More operates 225 stores across 25 states. When COVID-19 hit, as an essential retailer most of the stores stayed open, but the customer experience needed to change quickly to adapt to the new...

2020-10-13 Sessions

The Future Of Influence: Storytelling With A Purpose

By 2022, brands are expected to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing, according to Business Insider Intelligence — but in the wake of a global pandemic, nationwide protests and an upcoming election, many marketers are wondering what the future of...

2020-10-14 Sessions

AR Everywhere: How Immersive Commerce Is Transforming Retail

Join Chris Barbour, Head of AR Content Business Development & Partnerships for Facebook and Instagram in a discussion with Vince Cacace, CEO of Vertebrae, to talk about innovation at Facebook, the rapidly changing AR commerce landscape, and what brands can do with...

2020-10-14 Sessions

In-Booth Events

Amazon HOT Seat - Live On Amazon Detail Page & Storefront Assessment

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Join Keith O'Brien, CEO of Page.One, and hear how they break down an Amazon business and assessed what needs to be optimized for growth. If there is.. →

Driving Conversations Through Deep Personalization Title

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Rapid eCommerce Platform Selection & Deployment in the Time of COVID

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Ashkan Farhadiah, VP of Business Development Join Ashkan Farhadieh, VP of Business Development at BlueBolt, on Tuesday, October 13 at 12:35pm ET.. →

Are You Ready For The Re-Imagined Future Of Retail?

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COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of digital readiness, which allows business and life to continue as usual – as much as possible – during.. →

An Early Start and More Online Orders: How Holiday Shopping Will Change in 2020

E-Commerce Optimization - Event

This presentation will explore Adobe's predictions for the 2020 holidays and how consumers will change their holiday buying behaviors to favor.. →

Streamline Retail Operations with 3D Digital Twins

Business Agility - Event

About the Session Join Matterport's Ethan Goldspiel and Apex Imaging Services' Dan Cardona to learn about the efficiencies of 3D digital twins.. →

Increase eCommerce Profitability by Optimizing Image Production

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The ability to deploy online digital assets in an efficient and effective manner can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line for online.. →

Top 10 Ecommerce Product Photography Breakthroughs for Increased Productivity and Online Sales

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Sam Shearer, Managing Director at Ortery Technologies, highlights several main events over the past 20 years that dramatically contributed to the.. →

How to Create 360 Product Views

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Are you interested in 360 product photography but don’t know where to start? Let us show you how easy creating 360 product views can be. They’re.. →

Introducing - The Ultimate All-In-One eCommerce Photography System

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Ortery Technologies manufactures product photography systems that simplify and accelerate product photography. In this session you will learn how a.. →